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How it works

Lower Costs

Lowest Cost

Using modern technology and business practices that align our interest with yours, we can offer the best service without landing you with unnecessary added fees.

Spruce Typical Competitor
Loan & Owner's Policy $4,554 $4,554
Searches Included $335
Other Services Included $340+

*Actual sample comparison assuming a $950k NYC purchase, with $760k mortgage. Specific savings will vary.

The first digital-native title company

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The first digital-native title company

Using a data-driven approach, Spruce replaces decades-old practices and provides a modern partner in the real estate closing process, creating a one-stop shop for a smoother closing.

We know New York

We know New York

Our office is located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, and we work with the top title insurance underwriters in New York - including Fidelity, Commonwealth, and WFG. You’re in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick my title insurer?

Absolutely. Often your realtor or attorney will try to steer you to an affiliate of theirs, but the choice is completely yours, and we've worked with many different attorneys towards a smooth transaciton.

Will I need to get a survey?

This depends on the specific property you're purchasing. For example, a survey is generally not needed for a condo.

I'm buying a co-op - do I need title insurance?

No - when you buy a co-op, you're actually buying shares in a company, not title to real property. Your attorney should do their due diligence for you, but a title policy is not needed.

Who are Spruce’s underwriters?

We currently underwrite with Fidelity, Commonwealth, Chicago, and WFG. We choose the underrwiter that offers the lowest premium rate for your transaction.

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Borrowers love working with Spruce

  • "Wow. Spruce was able to help us demystify the ugly, complex process of purchasing a house by being the smartest peeps on our team. They literally educated (some might say, "schooled") some old pro's involved in our real estate transaction and helped us recoup thousands of dollars in reimbursed expenses as a result. Highly responsive, knowledgable, and innovative, they made a difficult process easier while remaining 100% in compliance. A successful real estate transaction thanks to Spruce."

    5.0 ★★★★★

    Alex H.

    Single-family home, Westchester

  • "Highly Recommend!"

    5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    J. Schiffer

    Condo, Williamsburg

  • "Simply put, Spruce was a reliable, communicative, and trustworthy partner in my search for a home. After discovering that larger competitors did not take securing my sensitive data seriously, I wanted to find a company that put technology, security, and customer service first."

    5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Cyrus E.

    Condo, East Village