Spruce VP of Engineering on “Building Your Product” Series

On February 20th, our VP of Engineering Dion Ridley moderated the panel “Building Your Product” at Facebook NYC.

The event was held in honor of Black History Month and sponsored by Black@Facebook, BlackTech Meetup, and Harlem Capital. We were absolutely thrilled to participate and get the chance to sit down with these prestigious industry leaders:

The conversation centered on the steps needed to raise venture capital funding, how to approach building your MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and the challenges/lessons learned in the start-up world by the panelists. 

Panel Highlights

1.) Hearing from three time founder Stacy Spikes founder of UrbanWorld, Movie Pass, and now Preshow, on how he continually builds compelling and engaging products and thinks about the transition from scaling a product to growing a business.

2.) Gaining insights from Gabby Cazeau, former engineer turned investor at Harlem Capital, on the transferable skill-sets engineers can bring to the investment world.

3.) Hearing from Tiffany Dockery, who’s been building products in the tech space for 15+ years, as a Product Manager at Amazon, HBO, Spotify, and now Instagram, on demystifying the role and career path of product management for technical and non-technical folks in the audience.

Here at Spruce, we’re constantly looking to embrace our core values of diversity and curiosity and improve our current products, processes, experience, and life. Hearing from product leaders from different nationalities, ethnicities, genders, political views, sexual orientations, and personalities gives us the opportunity to continually up our game, and we couldn’t have been more delighted to participate.

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