Spruce Launches New Dashboard for Mortgage Brokers

We’re proud to introduce the new Spruce client dashboard, which empowers mortgage brokers or anyone dealing with multiple lender relationships to pull quotes, order title, and manage closings all-in-one place.

Optimize Your Workflow

When placing an order, all the lenders you work with are available through a simple dropdown. After selecting the lender, their information will automatically be populated onto necessary documents––making it faster and easier. 

After placing an order, preliminary documents (such as the CD) are instantly generated and saved. These will be updated and made available as the closing moves through the pipeline. 

Organize Status Updates

Get a bird's-eye view on the progress for each file at the top of your order screen. If you need a more detailed update, you can use our comments function to ask questions. These messages will go straight to our Real Estate Operations team, who will be in touch in no time. 

Connect Via API

If you have your own internal system, these features are also available via our API. You can  use it to manage the entire title and closing process: pulling TRID-compliant quotes for use in generating Loan Estimate disclosures, estimating recording fees and taxes, creating and receiving title search orders, trailing documents, and scheduling closings.

To learn more about the new client dashboard features, schedule a demo with our team today.

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