How Spruce Works for Lenders

The mortgage lending world has changed and so should title insurance.

The shift is twofold: compliance and operational expenses are driving up mortgage origination costs, and today’s borrower simply demands a better experience.

Reducing processing time is an obvious boon to profitability, but the ROI of great customer experiences is also backed up by the data. A recent study by the Harvard Business review found that “customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences,” meaning more repeat business, referrals, and long term revenue.

So, we’re rethinking the role of the title company

You rely on title companies to close transactions, but they can add cost, negatively impact experience, and leave your hard-earned customers as an afterthought. Spruce was built from your perspective—leveraging proprietary technology to decrease the workload on your operations division while providing an improved borrower experience.

Every step of our process is designed to save you time and keep your clients happy.


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Step 1. Transparent Pricing

Pull a free, instant quote from our lender portal—listing out all of our fees. Feel confident that you’re providing your borrower with a fair, honest, and transparent quote from the outset.

Step 2. Place Your Order and Relax

Spruce verifies your client’s address, calculates fees, creates initial documents, and begins processing your title order within a matter of seconds using our proprietary software. This allows us to offer the lowest fees in the business and cut out unnecessary manual processes.

Step 3. Clearance

After the title search is complete, our team of title experts checks over the results for any issues, and works around the clock to clear them for closing.

During clearance, we take the time to engage with and respect your workflow, including how we communicate with your customers. We’ll introduce ourselves to borrowers effectively, efficiently, and only as needed—minimizing surprise emails or calls. We believe in closings, not chaos.

Step 4. Closing Time

Our scheduling software allows customers to manage their closing via a co-branded, online dashboard. They can even schedule their signing with one of our vetted signing agents.

We also give clear instructions on what documentation your client needs to provide throughout the process such as:

  • The kind of ID they need for the notary
  • Types of payment that are acceptable
  • Proof of insurance

Spruce eliminates the time suck of back and forth communication. Closing day should be a time for celebrations all around. So again, no surprises.

Step 5. Funding and Recording

Traditional wires and paper checks can be risky. Using our digital dashboard, your borrower can link their bank account securely and transfer funds through ACH. This extra convenience goes a long way towards putting your customer at ease, and protects you from the costly effects of wire fraud or lost/stolen checks.

We understand that not every lending institution is built the same, and pride ourselves on building out-of-the-box solutions for every client use case.From our zero cost software integrations to developing and optimizing a better workflow, we take the time to build true, lasting partnerships. Have more questions or a specific title insurance need? Get in touch with us below!

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