Employee Spotlight: Iriana Portillo

Iriana is a member of our Client Solutions Team as a Client Experience Associate. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, she’s been a part of the Spruce team for two years–we’re so happy to have her on board.

Describe your experience at Spruce in 3 words or less.

Career. Growth. Opportunities.

How is Spruce making an impact on title and closing services?

Spruce offers so much flexibility and change that traditional title and escrow companies typically can’t compete with. We are on a national level and service so many different sectors of the real estate world. Being in this industry, you can see how much we’ve changed the perspective of title and escrow– it’s no longer such a tedious, lengthy process - it's quick, smart and smooth.

How does your role directly impact the customer experience?

Working with one of our busiest clients, my role is to be proactive with our communication, providing title and escrow knowledge to anyone I interact with. I help to provide the client real time updates, successful KPI/SLA metrics, and an overall positive experience from both the seller and buyer.

What Spruce value resonates with you the most?

Two: Ambition and confidence. Spruce is a “go-getter” company. The positive impact we’re making to the industry, on a national level, feels revolutionary and it’s incredible to play a small part in that.

How has your career grown since starting at Spruce?

I started with Spruce as a Client Support Associate, answering phone calls and getting familiar with the industry. I quickly gained knowledge and showed interest in bigger challenges. From there, I’ve learned so much with this company while continuing to grow within the industry itself. I worked as a closer right after on purchases and resale with an iBuyer client, and quickly adapted to meet its SLA’s. I now know more about the closing process, client expectations, and how we can problem solve as a team to work on operational solutions and meet (or exceed) client goals.

What is your favorite thing about working at Spruce?

I love the growth opportunities that Spruce offers. Each manager or director I meet with  always shows the best interest in my career goals. From knowing absolutely nothing about title and escrow, to being able to learn and adapt in the industry so quickly, it shows how each of my team members and managers value work ethic and want me to be successful. It’s a great feeling.

How do you feel connected while working remotely with teammates?

Slack offers a lot of integration with my team members. We also meet virtually each week to discuss operational tactics and client requirements. This allows everyone on the iBuyer team to engage in these conversations and provide ideas on how we can better our process.

What motivates you?  

Honestly, my managers and directors motivate me daily. Some of my biggest inspirations come from within the company: Lisa Robertson, Tess Bettenay and Abby Larsen. I want to be in their shoes one day and I want to grow with this company. I am a passionate person and a go-getter. I will always put 150% effort in any project or role I am placed in.

lisa robertson tess bettanay abby larsen

What’s one thing that you want our customers to know about Spruce?

Spruce is a great company to work for! They guide you in the right direction and will always have your best interest in mind. Your voice is always heard and everyone is very welcoming. Spruce is always learning and adapting to be better for our clients!

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